About Watershift

Watershift emerged through the commitment and dedication of Graeme Saunders, who as a qualified Civil Engineer with some 40 years experience in the field, decided in 1996 to buy an ex fuel tanker and refit as a water truck. Having hired many water trucks he knew exactly what the industry needed but hadn’t yet been available. Our first truck was something to be seen, fitted out with an irrigation sprinkler with a range of up to 50m, various sprays from all four corners of the truck, water cannon and a pressure washer bar across the front. All of this was cab operated, including switching on the pump motor, throttle control and opening air valves. A far cry from the days of jumping out to start the pump and pulling a cord in the cab to open valves!

The search for a robust and reliable hose reel led to the development and manufacture of Ezy Wind Hose Reels in 2003. We are proud to provide a fully Australian Made product with a 20-year structural guarantee, which has proven to be superior in strength and reliability under rugged working conditions.

In 2004 the company Watershift Group Pty Ltd was formed as the main umbrella under which our Water Truck Hire operations and manufacture of Ezy Wind Hose Reels took place. We have been distributors of other water-related products for many years, and enjoy building a solid and prosperous relationship with these companies.

The next progression was to design and build water trucks, fire trucks, skid-mounted fire attack units and other special purpose vehicles. Utilising Graeme’s knowledge with quality workmanship of local motor body fabricators proved to be a winning combination. This is evident in vehicles which have been both productive and reliable.