Spray Mate


600L Poly Tank, 9Hp Motor, 2 x Remote Controlled Reels

Only 1.7 x 1.5m and weighs only 260Kg

Spray Mate


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The Spray Mate Features: Honda 9Hp Electric Start with Remote Oil Drain, 70 amp Alternator, 12v 

Sealed Battery, AR1639 Gearbox, AR50 Pump (Max Output: 52L/pm,Max Pressure 40bar (580psi), RM40 Controller.




2 x Remote Controlled EzyWind Hose Reels with 200 metres of ½” Nylon Spray Hose and Turbo 400 Spray Gun on each.

600 Litre Poly Tank with Baffles, sight tubes, lid and return flow agitators. Self Loading 3 Way Tap for Fast Fill and Tank Drain. Pump Supply via a 1¼” Teejet Filter.

Mounted on a HD Aluminium Frame with 4 lifting points & securely fitted by 4 bolt points.


Module Options Available:




Twin Reels (200m of hose on each); Twin Reels (100m of hose on each);
Single Reel (200m); Single Reel (100m)


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