Valves & Actuators


Butterfly Valves


Solenoid Valves


25mm Pressure Relief Valve – up to 700kpa Ensures ‘longer life’ of your valuable investment of pumping equipment.

Linear Actuator – the perfect solution for ‘In -Cabin’ Throttle control on pump motors of all types. Retracted length 50mm (2 inch) offering variable control, Auto shut-off, IP-56 rated for outdoor use, corrosion resistant plastic housing and available in 12v supplied with spring loaded toggle switch with automatic reversing of current for increase and decrease of engine speed.



Regulator Lubricator with Auto drain, gauge & mounting bracket, 0.5 to 8 BAR pressure range, 5 micron filter.


Pressure Protection Valve




Air Operated Spray Head Valve – Adjustable

8 Station Control Box with Regulator